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Cognitive behavioral therapy and cognitive psychotherapy with me are now only available in my private practice:

As of January 1, 2011, I have handed over the ABARIS Angstambulanz that I ran from the year 1992 in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart until 2010 in Cambridge, UK, and which has become known for its successful cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety and panic disorders and phobias, to talented younger psychotherapists who will continue to provide cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety and panic disorders as private treatment under the previous name ABARIS Angstambulanz:

To all those who, unaware of this, still receive a referral to me for cognitive behavioral therapy at health insurance cost, I wish that they find a psychotherapist elsewhere where they can receive the desired cognitive behavioral therapy as the most effective psychotherapy in order to be able to follow their path to happiness.

Note that classical behavior therapy is not cognitive behavior therapy. Be aware that cognitive behavioral therapy, as the most effective psychotherapy, rarely takes more than ten hours to achieve therapeutic success. Find out more about cognitive behavioral therapy on the website There you will find a lot of information about cognitive behavioral therapy and about the scientific standard in psychotherapy. Detailed information about cognitive behavioral therapy can be found on the website Good luck.

Dietmar Luchmann, Registered Psychologist / Psychotherapist for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cambridge, United Kingdom, December 30, 2010